Cute black cat

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What cute black cat names do you prefer? I have a hard time thinking of any that are not entirely unique. And you don’t have to be limited to just one breed or type of cat to have a great time coming up with cute names for them either. Cute black cats are everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

Cute black cat

Cute black cat | Image by Brion Claus from Pixabay


Some people prefer funny names while others like to have one with a certain meaning attached to it. For example, you could opt for Avis, which is the short form of Auntie. This particular name means that the cat is family and she would therefore enjoy lots of attention and love from you.


If you think black cats are frightening then you might want to opt for Scraps. They are another great choice because they share the trait of being mysterious. Scraps is another word that is related to the Halloween so if you are a trick or treating person at Halloween you can call your cat Scraps. She will certainly love to get a scoop of all the candy around her.



Cute black cat


Another great name for your cat is the dark witch. Some think that black cats are associated with evil so if you have an evil character in your home, your feline friend should have a name that has a similar meaning to it. The word witch itself comes from the Black Magic spell that is used to communicate between the human and other creatures on the magical plane. So if you have a dark character in your home, the cute black cat name you give your feline friend can be very meaningful indeed.


When we think of scary names for our feline friends we often think of slayer or ravenous killers. But these are not the only names that can be given to cats. You can even go with something that is completely out of the ordinary. The word thief comes from the Latin word for thieve, therefore your feline friend could be named Thin Fat Thieving Sally.


Some names are based on famous figures or people. For example, if you are named After Van Gogh you might want to call your black cat Dr. Van Gogh. If you have a friend that is named after a movie you love you could call your cat Oscar. Other movie star cat names are Phyllis professionalism, Demure Pup and Sweet Pea.

One funny name for your black kitten is the mysterious black kitten. When you get to know the personality of your cute kitten better you will realize what this name means. The word “mystery” has an interesting connotation in many languages including Japanese, German, French, and Italian. So your cute black kitten is a mystery to you and to others, she is a mystery all the way!

The name Sweet Pea could use some creativity, for example if you are trying to say “sweet pea” you could use “sweet peas.” You could also use “peas” for males, but then you would have to explain it away as a misspelling. The other option is “little peach,” which would be appropriate for male black cats. You could use “wicked peach,” “sexy peach” or any other word that describes your kitten with caution.

There are plenty of other funny black cat names out there for your teenage witch. But remember that these names can only be used for your feline and they can’t be used by anyone else. These names can be very powerful and even inspirational, if you understand how to make them work for your pet. For example, the name Jade could be used to describe either your cat’s original fur color or her current color. When you teach your cat “jade”, it will learn how to become calm and quiet when scared or excited about something.

There are also lots of cute black cat names for female cats, but when you try to use a pun on one of these names you run into problems. First, black cats are not known for their sense of humor so the pun name could turn them off. Second, a pun name like Penny Pincher could sound insulting to her and make her very defensive. But, if you do your research you may find some good humorous black cat names for your pet and she will love you even more for it.

Sometimes black cats have dark eyes and this is another reason why people like to give them funny names. If your cat has really dark eyes, you may have difficulty finding a name for her that isn’t just a description of her coat color. Some of the names for dark cats sound appealing like Moon or Poison, but these names could cause some aggression issues with her if you’re not careful. Some of the other names for dark cats are Abyss, Sedna and Mephisto.