Funny cat valentines

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Funny cat Valentine’s Day is around the bend, and you may be wondering what a cat can do on this special day of the year. Well, it seems that cats have a lot more things to say than you might think. They say that love is a many splendored thing, so perhaps you should start sending them a card now. How do you go about doing this? What are some ways you can get your funny cat or kitten involved in Valentines Day?

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The first step is to send them a card. This can be through regular mail or by placing an online card delivery ad. You will want to make sure that your card includes a message of some sort expressing how much you love them. This will get them out of the box a bit, if only for a moment.

There are plenty of cards you can choose from that feature some variety of funny pictures of your cat. Some include things like: a message from you, a drawing of them, and even a video of them doing something funny. The idea here is to get them to pick up the phone and call you, as well as to brighten up your phone for others. After all, when it comes to this day, who doesn’t deserve a little excitement?

Funny cat valentines

The next thing to do is to get them a card to remember the Valentine’s Day with. This could be a picture of them together, or even just the date of the event. It doesn’t matter what you end up selecting because it is simply for the fun of it. Either way, make sure it says something nice about your cat, so that they know how much they mean to you.

If you would like to involve your cat in some other way, then get them something else to write on. Whether it is a poem, inspirational quote, or even a cute little cat sticker or pin, there are plenty of cards that can be used as inspiration pieces. These cards can also be kept as keepsakes in a box or basket, which will help you remember the day. Think of all the funny cat cards you can find and then get creative with how you use them!

For the movie lover in your life, a funny cat card can actually be a great gift. There are several online sites that offer you the ability to create a funny cat video using your own photos and videos. Then, you simply upload the video onto a website and send it out as a funny cat card. This is especially useful if you have a short, funny clip of your cat that you want to share with someone.

Perhaps you would like something more personal but don’t want to give something that has already been created online. In that case, there are plenty of local craft stores that sell beautiful handmade pictures of cats. When you get your order, simply include your cat’s name and address in the card and then add any other personal touches you wish. You can include glitter or ribbon or even put a poem in it. Most local craft stores carry these types of funny cat cards so you won’t have any difficulty finding one to send. This type of card is truly unique and will certainly bring a smile to the face of whoever receives it.

Funny cat cards are a wonderful way to show your cat how much you care. Since these cards are usually handmade, they will surely become a treasured piece of art. Make sure you find a website that offers both good quality and funny pictures so you won’t be disappointed in the end. If you know someone who is a funny cat fan, this is a great way to show your support for them.