Who can cut my cats nails

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For years my cat’s paws would hurt when they got out of shape. She’d bang them on the counter or in the door and they’d always give her a funny sound. So I made up a solution for all her pain.

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Cute Cat Looking At | Cute Cat

The first time I saw it was a book on how to trim your cat’s nails so she didn’t hurt herself. It was kind of strange, like someone was standing there with a pair of scissors and ready to start cutting my cat’s nails. But it did have a lot of promise, it cost me only $15 but the book was full of step by step directions that could be used by any cat owner. I never had to use it though because she grew out of it quickly. She’s now 25 and hasn’t had the problem again.

Recently she asked if I knew who could cut my cat’s nails. I told her I didn’t, but she wanted to know who I talked to about getting her nails cut. So I went online and did a search. There are many people that are qualified to do this job. But as far as who can cut my cat’s nails, well I can’t think of anyone.

Who can cut my cats nails

I’ve seen people get their nails cut at animal shelters, but I don’t know if they actually knew what they were doing. I did see one person that did it and they seemed like they were trained pretty well. But who does cut cat’s nails? My cat doesn’t need it. She barely uses her claws and she doesn’t chew them. If anything, she might start to like to have some.

A lot of people do it themselves when they are petting their cat’s nails. They think that since they don’t see the nail bed they won’t be able to cut it. While that may be true sometimes it can be dangerous. For example, if you’re trying to cut a nail and the claw gets lodged in your throat you can die. That’s why I tell everyone not to try this unless they have been trained and have a license to do it.

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Cute Kitten Sleeping | Cute Kitten

The best way to keep your cat’s nails healthy is to get your cat an acrylic claw trimming machine. When your cat uses one of these she can use it to cut her own nails. It works by using a small electrical current. These are inexpensive and a lot less painful than going to a vet for a trim.

If you have a vet then they should be able to trim them for you. If they don’t then you can try asking someone that uses one of these machines. You can also ask people on the phone and you can even look for a place in your local yellow pages to buy them. When people use the machines at home then it only takes a minute and it is completely painless.

There really is no need for anyone to cut a cat’s nail for them. It should be something that they are skilled at and probably already do it on a daily basis. If not then there are places where you can find these machines and where to buy them. If people don’t want to do it then it’s up to you to stop bothering them.

When cats are kept outside they like to scratch. This is natural and part of their way of bonding with you. By trimming their claws you are helping them to bond and keep you away from them clawing your furniture. It’s actually kinder to have them trim the nails for you so you don’t have to worry about someone hurting you while they are trying to help you out.

Anyone who has a cat knows how much they love to scratch at their furnishings. By having the right tools to help you trim your cat’s nails you can limit how much damage they are doing. It doesn’t take long to cut through a thick coat of fur. Once you have done that you won’t even notice it. It’s easy to do and it’s good for both you and your furniture.

So if you have been wondering, “who can cut my cats nails?” then now you know. It’s a simple thing that will save you a lot of aggravation and money in the end. Best of luck on your search.